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1990-2004 - WORK EXPERIENCE Stefanie Otto worked with notable residential architects Tom Wilson and W.O Neuhaus during this time as well as with architecture firms specializing in commercial and institutional projects.  Also, during this time, Stefanie Otto established her own firm specializing in residential renovation and new construction projects.

In 2005 Stefanie Otto partnered with long time colleague Chuck Cummins to form OC+A Architects, which focuses on commercial and institutional projects.  Stefanie Otto continues her passion for residential projects through WELL-HOUSED.

WELL-HOUSED is a full service residential design firm.  Our projects begin with ideas and sketches based on collaborative meetings with the client and continues through management of the project throughout construction.  Additionally, we typically make interior lighting, plumbing fixture and fitting, appliance, moulding, finishes, furnishing, and decor selections for our projects. Style-wise, we believe that the design of each particular project should take context and the client's preference and lifestyle into consideration.

1989 - Texas A&M University COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE. Bachelor of Environmental Design.  Stefanie Otto also participated in Texas A&M University's study abroad program in Italy. Stefanie Otto believes that the knowledge gleaned from her extensive travels in the States and abroad during and after college have played a fundamental role in her approach to design.